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Safer Internet day information

Safer Internet Day

We have had some interesting discussions in our classes today about staying safe on the Internet. Below is further information about keeping children safe on the internet including the safety awareness videos the children watched today and a leaflet with additional information for parents and carers.


Ask before you watch

Red and Murphy talk to Freddie and Alisha about watching videos online. What should children do before they watch videos on YouTube and what should they do if they see something upsetting online?

Children using YouTube

Watch with your kid

Simply ask your kids what they're watching and join them. In general, kids are tuning into certain channels or following specific YouTube personalities because they're entertained by them. Many kids naturally want to share the videos they like.


Watch by yourself

 If kids don't want to share, get the name of the channel they're watching and watch it later. Watch a few videos by the same creator to get a feel for the content.


Be sleuth

If you're concerned about the content your kid is watching on YouTube -- and you've tried talking to them- there are ways of tracking their viewing habits. If they have a YouTube account (which only requires a Gmail address), their YouTube page will display their recently watched videos, recommended videos based on their watch history, and suggestions for channels similar to the ones they’ve watched. Even if your kid deletes her "watch history," the recommendations all will be related to stuff they've watched.

Helping your friends online

Red and Murphy meet our favourite penguin - Smartie! In this film they talk about how to help friends who are being bullied online and what we can all do to make the internet a kinder place for everyone.

Factsheet for Parents and Carers with further information and links