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How to Help at Home


If you wish to help your child at home with phonics, there a number of things you can do.

How to say the sounds

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2

Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1

How to say Phase 5 sounds

Use flashcards


You can buy the flashcards that match what we do in school from amazon. Check with your child's teacher for which phase they are working on. 

Phase 2 Cards

Phase 3 Cards

Phase 5 Cards


You can use this bank of words to help you choose which words to build from the cards. You can also simply write some words on paper if you dont have cards. Just make sure that you are at the right stage/level, otherwise it might be overwhelming for your child. 

How to use the Phonics Flashcards

How to play: Change it

Read lots of words with this fun game. Change one grapheme card each time to make and read a new word. How many words can you make and read with your child?

How to play: Mix it up

Help your child to read and spell words with this fun game. Choose the grapheme cards you need to make up a word. Mix them up. Show your child how to make a word. Sound out and blend the word. Mix the words up again and ask your child to make the word and read it.

How to play: Win it

Win it! is a fun game to play with your child. Choose six grapheme cards that your child can read confidently. Add a new grapheme card to the pack and challenge your child to read the grapheme correctly. Each time they read it, they win it.

Precision Teaching

Precision teaching is where you practice a limited number of sounds and expect your child to show precision in their recall before you move on.


Here is a template you can use. Choose five sounds that you wish to practice. Enter them in the first 5 boxes. The rest of the sheet will generate randomly. The  you simply read through the page once. 


You do not take a sound off the sheet untill your child reads it correctly every  time. Please do not be generous here - it must be correct every single time to come off the sheet.