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Who’s Who

Our staff in school


Our Headteacher is Mrs Fernandes.


Miss Walker is our Deputy Headteacher, Special Educational Needs coordinator and Year 1 teacher. 


Mrs Botterill, Welfare and Attendance Officer


Our teaching team are:

Miss Taylor, Saplings (Nursery) Teacher

Mrs O'Donnell,  Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Miss Kidston, Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Sharp, Chestnut Class (Reception) Teacher and Early Years Lead

Mrs Faxon, Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Miss Slater, Acorn Class (Reception) Teacher

Mrs Gallagher, Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Rek, Willow Class (Year 1) Teacher

Mrs Ratcliffe, Teaching Assistant 


Mr Foster, Oak Class (Year 1) Teacher

Mrs Lightfoot, Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Hobson, Orchard Class (Reception/Year 1) Teacher

Miss Walker, Orchard Class (Reception/Year 1) Teacher

Mrs Phillips, Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Matten, Alder Class (Year 1/2) Teacher

Mrs Richardson, Higher Level Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Sheehan, Maple Class (Year 2) Teacher

Miss Hutchinson, Teaching Assistant - ELSA trained 

Mrs Everard, Teaching Assistant - ELSA trained


Mrs Widdowfield, Rowan Class (Year 2) Teacher

Mr Wright, Rowan Class (Year 2) Teacher

Mr Tovey, Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Kirby, Teaching Assistant across school


Our admin team are:

Mrs Green, School Business Manager (Thursday/Friday)

Mrs Dixon, Administration Assistant

Mrs Gracias, Administration Assistant

Mr East, School Business Manager (Wednesday)