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Visions and Values


At Carr Infant school, our aim is to create a nurturing environment to help children achieve and fulfil their potential. We promote confidence, communication and creativity. 



As a school we work to ensure our children become self motivated learners, able to work on a range of tasks at an independent level. Through our guidance children become proud of their achievements and increase in determination to be successful. Children in Carr are not afraid to have a go and make mistakes - this is a vital part of learning! All children are prepared for transitions, this may be from one year group to the next and even from school to school. 


Staff have access to both in house and external training opportunities to build their confidence in delivering high quality lessons. Staff work collaboratively across year groups and as a whole school, with support from the Headteacher. Subject leaders have a vital role to play in improving subject content and knowledge of staff. 


As a school, we have systems in place for both children and staff to ensure consistency in approaches - whether this is subject related or behaviour. We offer a wide range of after school clubs, to build children's confidence in wider areas. Our school creates a safe, but challenging environment where all can be the best that they can be!




Children are given opportunities to build on their social skills, using both words and actions to express thoughts and feelings in a range of different circumstances, doing so respectfully, with the aim to build more solid friendships. Children are taught how to understand their own and other's body language and physical reactions which then leads to learning how to react and respond in an appropriate way.


Staff enable children to access all learning opportunities, and do so by knowing each and every child's individual needs. They explicitly teach positive well-being and calming strategies to all children. Staff are open and approachable to both children and their families, and work with the governing body to embed the importance of communication within school. 


As a school, we encourage parental dialogue, respect the views of others and always respond - whether this be face to face or via social media platforms. Our staff have close working relationships with Carr Junior School and liaise on a wide range of matters. Staff are always outside on the yard, or by the entrance doors for a morning meet and greet, which is the perfect opportunity for informal conversations to take place. We have strong links with external agencies and broker support for families when needed. 




Our children have a wonderful, stimulating learning environment within the early years foundation stage, enabling them to effectively learn through their play. There are a range of learning opportunities and experiences planned for, that enable staff to also unpick what it is that the children are really interested in, and they can then create a love of learning. All children at Carr have the opportunity to achieve. 


Our staff work hard to create interesting and engaging learning opportunities, for all children to achieve, regardless of their special education needs. Staff know the children's starting points and plan adaptive and inclusive activities in order for everyone to make progress and succeed. Staff are able to personalise learning when needed. As a school, we make the most of our individual staff expertise. 


Our regularly updated curriculum is exciting and relevant to our children, including outdoor learning opportunities, particularly forest schools tasks. We have regular visits out of school to enrich the learning experience, as well having visitors come to us!