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School uniform

School uniform


The educational ethos of the school is to encourage individuality and independence in the children. We ask that children are dressed in clothes suitable for a day’s work in a busy classroom environment. Clothing should also be practical when the children have to take responsibility for dressing and undressing themselves for PE. “Standard of dress” is a very personal and emotive issue and we recognise the individual standards set by caring parents.


School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, beanie hats, woollen ski hats and baseball caps are available in burgundy, book bags and school fleeces are all available from

GET BRANDED, Unit 5, Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York Tel: 0800 1244133.


Get branded to come into school to sell uniform during parents' evenings and if you pay for uniform over the phone it will delivered to school for you.


The Governing Body of the school strongly encourages the wearing of school clothing by all children in school at all times.  



PE and book bag letter 2018